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"Teacher’s idea for a tactile guidance system helping pupils of all abilities find their way around their school."
Martin Whittaker, Times Educational Supplement.
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"It just shouts out follow me!"
Ros Blackburn (Logically Illogical)


How it originated, and came into existence in Milestone School.
How funding was achieved.

‘trailrail’ is now an integral part of Milestone School. Visit the Milestone School website:

  Welcome to

‘trailrail’ is a purchasable product. Have it tailor-made to meet your individual needs and budget.

The aim of this website is to inform you of the origin, design and development of ‘trailrail’, and to provide contact details for enquiries.

‘trailrail’ is a purpose designed handrail, to provide location around, direction through and information about, your environment.
  • It is tailor-made to meet the needs of your organisation, client need, budget.
  • It can be as comprehensive, or minimalist, as you require.

On this website you can see design aspects / features, how it originated, and came into existence in Milestone School and how funding was achieved.

Trailrail is available in a range of colours, which may be chosen to compliment, or contrast, with your own decor.


Incorporate your organisation logo into ‘trailrail’, where it begins the rail.

Incorporate your logo into the design

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